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8th Annual Radiothon Exceeds Expectations

The Temiskaming Hospital Foundation’s 8th Annual Radiothon which took place on Thursday, February 24th, 2022, over CJTT 104.5 FM was a huge success. This year, the foundation was hoping to raise $50,000 for a new Operating Room table for Temiskaming Hospital. The day ended with a total of $12,365 raised. Since the event, Jason Stewart, General Manager of the Georgia-Pacific Oriented Strand Board (OSB) mill in Englehart, has come forward with a donation of $38,000 to fully fund the Operating Room Table.

“We want to thank the entire community and our event sponsors for their generosity during this year’s event,” said Temiskaming Hospital Foundation President Jim Rowe. He continued, “We acknowledge the struggles that many of our community members and businesses continue to face, so to reach our goal this year is a true testament to our community and them recognizing the importance of our Care Close to Home campaign.”

Approximately 1,000 surgical cases are performed annually at Temiskaming Hospital along with 150 Caesarean sections as Temiskaming Hospital provides obstetrical services to people from Temagami to Kirkland Lake. People from these areas would have to travel to North Bay or Timmins to deliver their baby if it was not for this service at Temiskaming Hospital.

“That is why it is so impressive that Georgia-Pacific has come forward.” said Temiskaming Hospital Foundation Secretary and Temiskaming Hospital President & CEO Mike Baker. He continued, “People from these communities will benefit from the Operating Room tables at the Temiskaming Hospital, so it is great to see Georgia-Pacific’s leadership in making such an important contribution to Care Close to Home and our communities.”

“Georgia-Pacific knows strong communities make life better for everyone: our employees, our neighbors and our customers,” said Stewart. “The social and economic well-being of citizens are essential to the sustainability of our communities and Georgia-Pacific is proud to support such a worthy cause that benefits the community and our employees.”

Including the total proceeds from the 8th annual Radiothon of $51,140, the Radiothon program has now raised over $316,150 allowing for the purchase of the Operating Room table, an Infant Pediatric Ventilator, three ECG machines, infant care beds, pulmonary function testing machine, mechanical ventilator, and an ultrasound machine. Due to the pandemic, in-person events were canceled for the last two years, and the foundation’s 50/50 fundraiser became the main source of revenue.

The Temiskaming Hospital Foundation would like to acknowledge all those who made the event possible including the Foundation Board members, staff and community members who provided testimonials and live on-air updates throughout the day and those who helped behind the scenes leading up to and during the event. The foundation would like to thank CJTT 104.5 FM as well for adapting the normal format of the event for it to take place again this year.

The Temiskaming Hospital Foundation’s mission is to raise funds and manage donor gifts for the purpose of supporting outstanding clinical care for the communities served by Temiskaming Hospital.



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