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Hand Pick Your Lasting Legacy with Gastro-Sponsorship

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

The Temiskaming Hospital Foundation–Care Close to Home campaign’s latest fundraiser entitled Gastro-Sponsorship allows community members to sponsor the various parts that make up a Gastroscope-a priority piece of equipment on the Temiskaming Hospital’s 2019/2020 Capital Equipment List.

“Gastroscopies are performed to diagnose and treat diseases of the esophagus, stomach and duodenum,” explained Dr. Khaled Elgadi, Temiskaming Hospital Surgeon. Dr. Elgadi continued, “During a gastroscopy, pictures as well as biopsies may be taken for further evaluation. Gastroscopies can save lives by diagnosing and being able to treat reversible diseases. They can also help to improve the quality of life by treating certain ailments.”

Last year, 400 Gastroscopy procedures took place at Temiskaming Hospital. A brand new Gastroscope has been placed on high importance on the 2019/2020 Priority Capital Equipment List–a list that is created through an extensive capital planning process where Temiskaming Hospital’s healthcare professionals prioritize equipment needs for the hospital each year.

For fundraising purposes, the Gastroscope has been divided into four major parts, and within those four parts, smaller sub-parts, as seen on the attached marketing piece. Based on their budget, donors can choose a piece they would like to sponsor. Donors aren’t obligated to sponsor the entire amount of the piece; rather, multiple people can donate towards a piece in order to fund the total cost.

A fundraising tracker has been designed by A&B Digital Printing which will allow community members to keep up to date on the status of each sponsored piece. The tracker will hang on the bulletin board outside of the hospital cafeteria, and weekly updates will be given on the Temiskaming Hospital Foundation-Care Close to Home’s Facebook page.

Donations can be made online, over the phone or by sending cash or a cheque made out to the Temiskaming Hospital Foundation. When donating, we ask that all donors specify which piece they are wishing to sponsor as well as choose a back-up choice in the event that the piece becomes fully spon

sored before the donation is received. Donors can include a small note along with their cheque or use the memo line to specify the part they wish to sponsor.

For donations being made through our website, donors can use the “In Honour Of” option under the “Type of Tribute” field and list the piece they are sponsoring as well as a back-up piece in the “Tribute Name” field.

Even the smallest donation can make the biggest impact-just like the smallest parts on the Gastroscope can play the biggest role in the overall function of the equipment.

Together we can raise the funds needed and reach our goal of purchasing a new Gastroscope for Temiskaming Hospital.


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